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Please use these pro forma letters in order to help get hold of the statement of reasons for the First-Tier
Tribunal’s decision as well as apply for permission to appeal to the Upper Tribunal:

Request for statement of reasons:

Letter to the First-tier Tribunal requesting
permission to appeal to the Upper Tribunal:

Interim Payments: Leave to Remain and Transition to Mainstream Benefits

Back in 2009 at the old Birmingham Law Centre, we noticed that there were a number of refugees and other migrants being granted leave to remain but then being plunged back into destitution as their support finished before they could establish entitlement to mainstream benefits. Delays in allocating National Insurance Numbers was the main problem, so we devised an interim payments protocol with local agencies putting the DWP on notice of JR if benefits were not put into payment within 7 days.

It is now 2014 and the same problems are occurring on a regular basis. The government changed the rules on interim payments and they are now called Short Term Benefit Advances. If you are an agency in the Midlands with a client who is facing delays in accessing benefits in these circumstances, then please feel free to use this letter and contact us to make a referral if there is continued delay:

BCLC Short Term Benefit Advance Request Template Letter:

Community Voices

Looking at the Impact of European Migration on Communities in the UK.

Self Help Guides

How to make a claim in an employment tribunal.

How to make an application under the immigration rules: FLR-FP.

If you are an agency outside the Midlands, you will need to think carefully about threatening JR without the ability to refer to a law centre or other firm of solicitors. Consider talking to local solicitors about this but bear in mind that Law Centres and firms with public law contracts are likely to be the only sources of help. It has been our experience that over 75% of cases have come to a satisfactory resolution within 7 days of the letter being sent.

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